Experienced Hires

Regardless of the various backgrounds, ZingICG opens its arms to highly talented people and the unique characteristics that come along with them. ZingICG embraces diversity and provides a supportive and dynamic environment where ideas are cultivated to make a difference on the community and the world.


ZingICG invites you to experience our problem solving environment with an array of hands-on projects where you will work with problem solvers, developing and mastering various skills you need to fully fulfill your potential. ZingICG’s open platform and interactive learning community also encourages you to learn, grow and lead. With a problem solving environment and problem solvers, you’ll be able to see how many problems we can solve altogether.


Our internship programs will connect you with mentors and experts, providing hands-on experience with projects to offer you the business insight and knowledge that goes beyond your textbook. These projects, along with our corporate culture, will enrich your extracurricular experience and greatly sharpen your business acumen for your later career.