As a joint  American Chinese business consulting firm, ZingICG has a team that is filled with global experts in various fields. Such a team composition enlarges our capacity to provide an integrated and comprehensive advisory service to clients with varied needs. We are confident that our resources, experience, multicultural capabilities and professionalism in international trade and global business management helps our clients achieve their business goals.

Our Business-Related service involves corporate management consulting, business consulting, financial and tax consulting, and international trade consulting. Through these services, we provide our clients with one-stop comprehensive business solutions to expand channels, enlarging their presence in various marketplaces.
Current projects relating to this service include:
1. Global marketing for stainless-steel pipe and related products
2. Silica ore exports and international cooperation
Electronic products, new energy equipment and products, and internet equipment consulting are the major components of our Technology-Related services, which concentrate on helping technology-oriented companies introduce their cutting edge technologies and sophisticated equipment to seize overseas markets, as well as assisting these companies in finding well-qualified representatives, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers in target markets.
Current projects relating to this service include:
1. 3-D printing
2. High-tech, fire-flaming detectors
In addition, we also offer education, exhibition and professional interpretation services to our global clients.