Mentor Group

Our mentors are industrial experts who bring us a comparative advantage to accommodate and thrive in different business environments around the world via their diverse experience and world class expertise. Below are some of our mentor group members.


Chris W. Courtwright

Chris W. Courtwright is a public sector economist in the United States who has been an important part of a consensus revenue estimating group since 1986, working to provide baseline forecasts that elected officials are required by law to use for policymaking.  He has staffed tax committees and study commissions since the mid-1980s and played a major role in quantifying and analyzing multiple policy options during tax policy debates occurring at the state level.  He has written the de facto guide on tax policy in his state and received the prestigious President’s Award in 2004 from his local Government Finance Officers’ Association in acknowledgment of his role as one of the state’s public sector economists.
With Chris on board, ZingICG is confidently able to monitor complex tax law and regulations in different places around the world on behalf of our clients, enabling them to understand the myriad of issues involved in minimizing tax burdens across multiple jurisdictions.
His presence enlarges ZingICG’s ability to engage in ongoing debates and discussions about tax reform occurring all over the world.


P. Olof Olsson

Dr. Olsson is the founder of Nordic Son LLC—an international trade company headquartered in Kingsburg, California since 2013. He currently serves as a researcher for Sooam Biotech Research Foundation in Seoul, Korea.
He is an expert in cancer therapy and regenerative medicine with the focus on experimental models of carcinoma and extracellular matrix biology. His knowledge and past research experience will significantly enhance ZingICG’s capability in providing biotech-related consulting services and investment.
Dr. Olsson also has a sharp insight on agriculture and product import & export. As the founder of Nordic Son LLC, he leads and oversees a program that aims at the import and export of various products between India, The USA and Africa .
He is a top researcher in Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, focusing on combining molecular and cell research technique development to better the fields of animal assisted reproductive technology, cloning and species preservation and restoration. His experience and achievement in this revolutionary technology will grant ZingICG the technological advantage to make an impact on client’s business future.

Our Team

Team-oriented, international, professional and diverse—these are what define ZingICG’s team dynamics, which we rely on to build up a broader business platform and bring in frontier business information for our clients.
Our team is made up of industrial elites who work rigorously to tailor business advice to fit each client and company better.

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